Why Can’t We Sleep At Night?:  

Like we said before, there are many different things that can cause insomnia to set in, and the majority of these triggers deal with our psychological and emotional state during our previous day. It has been shown that bouts of anxiety, depression, and stress are the most prevalent and common causes of insomnia and lack of sleep in an individual; However, there are also other factors that can come into play, such as a trauma that occurred during your day or week, worry, anger, and grief.  

When we finally attempt to lay in our bed for the night, it allows our minds to run, and truly process all of the instances and memories that occurred throughout our day. This also allows for all of our emotions to come to the surface, bringing that potential tension and anxiety of these things to the forefront. This, everyone, is what causes us to lose hours of sleep.  

However, this is not the only factor that can contribute to these sleeping issues. As we mentioned before, it is important for the average adult to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. This, of course, does not mean that every adult is getting that required amount.  

The majority of the time, many individuals are skimping on the number of hours they sleep in a day, thinking that those extra hours “wasted” sleeping could be used to get extra work or others things done. Take care of your sleeping problem today with this reduced price here on ZQuiet. This is not true, and skimping on that sleep can actually be more detrimental than beneficial, as we will discuss throughout the article.  

SuperBeets For Sleep?

I’m sure you all know of at least one or two people in your lives that just don’t seem to require as many hours of sleep; These are the people who stay up late every night and rise again at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning to begin their day. That is definitely not the majority of the world. In fact, a healthy adult individual needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night in order to remain in good health and function properly throughout the day, as we have mentioned several times.  

Without getting these full nights of sleep and skimping on those precious hours, our bodies will potentially begin to shut down, specifically when it comes to brain function. You begin to lack the energy and efficiency that you need to make decision and other thought processes during your daily schedule, and can even get to the point of having hallucinations and other issues.  

Sleep is also not only a time to dream and remember our thoughts from the day; It is also a time when your body recoups from everything that we faced during that time. During the day, our bodies are working hard both inside and out, and are facing a lot of things like bacteria, other germs, and particles that try to make their way into our system. The best way to make this work is by getting a superbeets coupon for getting a more high quality type of rest.

Sleep helps to benefit our body in many ways, including, but not limited to, our heart health, brain health (obviously), revitalizing your immune system, and it can also contribute to weight gain and/or loss in the long run. This is why it is better to admit when we have issues with sleep; By fixing these issues, we can potentially have more productive and healthy lives in the future.  

The Myths About Sleep

When it comes to sleep, there are many people who assume that sleep can be “made up” with things like sleeping in or committing to getting extra hours of sleep one or two nights a week. We are here to confirm that these are myths 

Daytime fatigue and sluggishness cannot be solved with one night of ten hours of sleep. Yes, it can help in some instances; However, if you wake up still feeling tired and not well rested after that longer extent of sleeping, then your body is not truly benefiting from that extra sleep you gave it. It is important to remember that the sleep you get needs to be reflected in the quality of the sleep and not the quantity of hours you devote to sleeping.